The Children’s School at Saint John’s is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and welcomes employees of all races, colors, creeds, nationalities, ages, genders, disabilities, sexual orientation, and ethnic  origins.

We seek teachers who demonstrate the highest level of characteristics to effectively ensure the health, safety, and quality of education for all children within the school’s care. Specifically, we are looking for individuals educated in the field of Early Childhood Education, experienced in innovative and progressive theories of child growth and development, and knowledgeable in developmentally appropriate practice as well as to the criteria associated with all aspects of DPW, Keystone STARS and NAEYC Accreditation.

We offer  competitive salaries and an attractive benefit package to full-time employees including:


Employees are paid Salary wages the 15th and 30th of every month. It is a direct deposit.


Keystone Health Plan East is provided for each employee at no cost after a 3 month probationary period.


Comprehensive Life Insurance is offered with a 50% per month co-pay from each employee.


Employees are given 10 days to be used between July 1st and June 30th.

Once an employee has completed 3 years of employment at The Children’s School, he/she will be given 15 days to be used between July 1st and June 30th

Employees may carry over up to five days of vacation leave per year to the next fiscal year and must be used before August 31st. If not used, remaining carried-over vacation time will be forfeited.


Employees are permitted to donate accumulated vacation leave days to a qualified fellow employee who has a serious personal illness or injury. Participation by employees is on a strictly voluntary basis and will receive no monetary award. Official approval must be given by the school’s Executive Director and Director before implementation.


Each employee will be paid for days when the school is closed. A list of closed days will be provided each year.  In the event of an emergency closing (snow) all employees will be paid full salary.


Each employee will receive four (4) days per year for his or her desired usage after a 3 month probationary period.


The Children’s School will pay for two (2) classes per semester after three (3) months of employment. All classes in which a teacher wishes to enroll must be pre-approved by the school’s Director and must first meet the minimum standards** for both Lead and Assistant Teachers. Once this criterion has been met, the employee is free to enroll in any 2 classes of his/her choosing per semester. The scholarship is for tuition only and does not cover additional fees (lab costs, books, etc).

**Lead Teachers will be required to obtain certification in Early Childhood Education and Assistant Teachers will be required to obtain either a minimum of 30 credit hours in Early Childhood Education, or a CDA Certificate.


Each employee will be reviewed after their 3 month probationary period and at the end of the school’s fiscal year (June).


Each employee will be inducted into an employer paid retirement plan equal to 2% of his or her gross salary after one year of employment.


All employees have the option to enroll one of their children in the School at a discounted rate according to the following schedule: Full-time employees will receive a 25% discount off the applicable tuition up through the employee’s 5th anniversary of employment with the School, after which the tuition discount will increase to 50%, and after the employees 7th anniversary of employment, the tuition discount will increase to 75%.  After the employee’s 10th anniversary of employment with the School, tuition for the employee’s child will be waived.  The foregoing schedule applies for one child only, and does not apply to additional children that the employee may have enrolled in the School at the same time.

The Application Process includes having interested applicants submit a current Resume listing contact information, educational background, and relevant experience to the Executive Director. Once reviewed, an interview and visit maybe requested   to determine future opportunities within the school.

The following items will be required and received before employees can work directly with the children:

Educational Background (Diploma, Transcripts and Certification)

Child Abuse Clearance

State Police Clearance (Act 34)

Two Written Letters of Reference

Proof of Citizenship (Driver’s License & Social Security Card)

Employee Emergency Form

Civil Rights Compliance

W-4 Form

Staff Health Appraisal (Mantoux test)

Fire Safety Training

Emergency Management Training

CPR & First Aide Training

Childcare Inservice Training (24 Hour minimum)

FBI Clearance www.pa.congentid.com

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