The Children’s School at Saint John’s recognizes the importance of outdoor play in the everyday lives of young children. As a result, we are committed to the integration of gross motor activities in the school both indoors and out.

The children go outside daily to practice and master their emerging physical skills. The fenced in play area is separated into two zones; one each for the older and younger children. Each area consists of space where children can fully and freely experience motor skills like, running, leaping, and jumping. Age-appropriate equipment is also in place for climbing, swinging and balancing. Additionally, our property is large to allow for opportunities to engage in directed activities such as soccer play, tag, and races. A biking area is also assessable for biking fun for all!

The school has also hired an outside service (Tumble Tots) to help ensure that fundamental large motor skills will be taught and reinforced through weekly planned, indoor activities. It is not the schools assumption that these skills are automatic, in fact according to research that is supported by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), young children must learn and practice these skills until they can proficiently participate in a variety of games and sports. Those children who do not receive the appropriate kinds of experiences to develop these skills may start Kindergarten with developmental delays in this area.

We are proud to incorporate both indoor and outdoor opportunities for large motor development here at The Children’s School at Saint John’s!


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