Communication between parent and school is essential to maintain a comfortable experience for both you and your child. The Children’s School at Saint John’s welcomes your comments and suggestions. Our doors are always open to discuss problems, concerns or suggestions.

The following methods of communications are routinely utilized throughout the school for your preference and convenience to staying up-to-date on information and events at the school.


The school has an open door policy that permits parents/guardians to stop by the school to visit at anytime during the day and we encourage visits during special events. We do request that the parent/guardian be sensitive to the child’s and the classroom’s regular routine.

Teacher Communication

Parents/guardians and teachers are partners in each child’s educational experience. The teacher’s professional advice comes from years of seeing hundreds of children. They have developed methods of encouraging a child’s creative curiosity and dealing with general childhood problems. Professional knowledge; however, is most valuable when complemented by each parent’s/guardian’s knowledge of his or her own child/children.


Both the administration and teaching staff rely heavily on disseminating information in a timely fashion through email. Please keep an up-to-date email on file at all times.

Parent Information Center

Each teacher is required to maintain a Parent Information Center for their classroom. These centers are important communication links between parents and teachers. Please check it daily to be well informed of various activities and schedules.

Letters and Notes

Individual child information is shared ¬†in written form with parents/guardians on a daily basis for infant and toddler children. Teachers complete individual daily sheets for all infants and toddler children in inform parents/guardians about their child’s day at the school. Daily classroom information about the preschool children is posted on each classroom’s information board to inform parents/guardians of the overall activities of the classroom. Written communication will be sent to a child’s parents/guardians to communicate information about an individual child on an as needed basis.


The Children’s School at Saint John’s welcomes phone calls regarding your child’s care. Feel free to call the school during the day to inquire about your child. If possible, the teacher will speak with you directly in order to answer your specific question.

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