Administration & Staff


The Board of Directors that serves for The Children’s School at Saint John’s consists of five members of various backgrounds. At the annual meeting a board of five Directors shall be appointed for a term of three years. Two Directors are appointed by Saint Joseph’s University and two directors are appointed by the Church of Saint John’s of Lower Merion and the four Directors, once appointed elects a fifth Director. If the office of Directors becomes vacant for any reason, the entity which appointed that Director originally will appoint a successor who shall hold office for the unexpired term and until his successor is elected and qualified.

Meetings of the Directors are held at the school on a quarterly basis, or as needed.


In addition to the above listed Director’s, a Parent Representative shall also serve for a term of one year. The elected Parent Representative serves as a liaison between the families of The Children’s School at Saint John’s and its Board of Director’s. They proactively participate in discussions, resolve issues and disseminate information from Board Meetings back to parents.


The Executive Director along with the school’s Director has responsibility to the children, the parents, the staff and other administrative personnel within the school. The cornerstone of this responsibility is the effective balancing of the interests of these groups.



The teachers of The Children’s School at Saint John’s have the primary responsibility for creating and maintaining an educational atmosphere that promotes learning and development. They are also responsible for fostering positive relationships with children, parents, and peers.

The Children’s School at Saint John’s strives to attract and retain teachers who are educated in the field and are knowledgeable of how children grow and develop.

Each classroom has a designated Lead Teacher and Assistant Teachers who work collaboratively to ensure that  the classroom is full of stimulating, engaging and developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day.

All teachers are required to be actively involved in ongoing professional development opportunities to further  advance and to keep abreast of the latest educational theories and current trends in the field.




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